Fragrance industry has lately come into the Oud hysteria, The Differnt Company and their Oud For Love included. I won’t tell you the long ancient story of oud, you just need to know that it’s a very precious oil extracted from the resins of agarwood once it’s attacked by a fungae that gives to the inner part of the tree a balsamic and deep aroma. Besides, agarwood is also pretty rare nowadays, so this increases the price of this raw oil even more.

Oud has always been a great ingredient on both cosmetic and pharmaceuticals goods, but the greatest use of it belongs to the arabian world, who has been known for ages as fine scents producers and wearers. As a matter of fact, every brand that is into the oud trend relate to this great tradition (from niche houses like Montale or Amouage to those big retailers as Tom Ford or Dior).

I have to say, oud is a big deal in my perfume path: since the beginning, my own taste led me to arabic inspired scents, so I had collected quite a number of oud based scents, but I want to talk to you about one that is completely different from any other ouds I have had. This is gonna be Oud for Love from The Different Company.

This niche parfume is included in the Collection Excessive capsule with his brother Oud Shamash, but where the latter one is a dry woody and zesty take on the oud line, Oud for love is a sweet animalic juicy oud. In Oud For Love, oud stage as a omnipresent role but never really showed up, letting the melting aroma of whiskey, tubereuse and amber mix with the white and clean aurea of Iris, Ylang Ylang and musk/vetiver combo. This great blending that lets all the notes stand together on a scented circle can be considered as the signature of the well known Bertrand Duchaufours’ Nose.


The last time I wore this perfume I was in Berlin some weeks ago and since I went on sight seeing the city all the day long, I wanted to wear something that was long lasting and suitable for both day and night. During the day we went for dinner on this cool bar on Kreuzberg, Kantina von Hugo (, that has this amazing cigar room where someone can enjoy a nice glass of wine as well. The decò inspiration was just perfect for this woody and whiskey scent.

I thought this was a the perfect choice ’cause as almost every oud based scent, is pretty overwhelming with great lasting power and its double side of clean and animalic soul was the perfect match with my white and sporty outfit. So for all those people who are looking for a every-situation-suitable oud, Oud for Love is the one to go! (But just if you don’t mind loud perfumes!)

On this outfit I was wearing:

-New Era Baseball Cap

-Cachemire bespoke sweater

-Yves Saint Laurent White Jeans

-Top Ten Adidas sneakers

-Plus Oud For Love packaging detail ;)



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